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Strike Update

from Neal Zucker, CEO


We are pleased to inform you that Corporate Cleaning Services (“CCS”) and the Window Cleaners Union (SEIU Local 1) have reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”). We expect to have a full schedule in place beginning Monday, July 30. We will be in touch with you regarding scheduling and appreciate your patience throughout this interruption in service. We would like to thank our clients, industry professionals and friends for their overwhelming support during this process.

Under the new CBA, which is a five-year agreement (as opposed to our historical three-year agreements), our window cleaners will receive a 27% overall wage increase. In addition, among other improved benefits, CCS will raise the amount it will pay for its portion of employees’ health insurance costs and employees who opt for life insurance will have benefits that double the prior coverage (the increased premium to be paid solely by CCS).

CCS will continue to invest in the most comprehensive training and certification for its employees, which has allowed CCS to be the leader in Industrial Rope Access (IRA) training, and certification by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). CCS remains the only window cleaning company with a full-time SPRAT-certified Safety Director, and we are not aware of any competitor who has come close to matching CCS’s investment of more than $175,000 to date in the very latest and most comprehensive training and certification of window cleaners.

Despite several weeks of vicious personal attacks against him, Corporate Cleaning Services CEO Neal Zucker took a leadership role in these negotiations, to continue to ensure a fair wage for both his workers at CCS and the employees at the city’s other window-washing companies. We are pleased that those workers recognized that SEIU’s unreasonable and unprecedented demand for a 37 percent wage increase was not realistic and that they voted for the fair wage and strong insurance package we offered. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the high-quality, professional service they deserve.

Thank you.