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Strike Update

from Neal Zucker, CEO

I wanted to update you on the Window Cleaners Union (Local 1) strike.

Corporate Cleaning Services ("CCS") has bargained in good faith with the Union, and last week made a final offer to the Union proposing a 27% wage increase over a five-year period, plus no cap on the employer's share of health insurance costs, plus additional life insurance limits at the employer's sole cost.

The Union rejected the proposal and told CCS they are going to "turn it up" in terms of the strike activity. A bully's tactic for sure.

The Union has spread much misinformation about CCS and me personally. CCS has bargained alone, and we know that our proposal was higher as to wage increases and benefits than the coalition of companies that are bargaining separately and against whom the strike is also directed. CCS has also invested far more in training and safety certification for its window cleaners and is the only window cleaning company with a full-time Safety Director.

And, as I wrote in my last email, CCS actually pays its window cleaners under a commission system of pay, the result of which is that our window cleaners receive a much higher effective hourly rate than even the hourly rates proposed by the Union. Many of our window cleaners make high five-figure salaries and several have annual compensation in excess of six figures in a job that is seasonal by nature.

Again, many of our employees continue to tell us they have no interest in this strike, but of course the pressure being applied by their peers is great. I was told by the Union that because we are the largest window cleaning company, the strike activity in the coming days will be directed at us. To the extent the strike activity comes to the outside of any building you own or manage, you now know why and have the correct information. As a reminder, the Union is not permitted by law to disrupt the normal functions of your building.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but wanted to make sure you had an accurate update. If you would like to discuss the matter privately, please feel free to call me or my COO Charlie Adkins at 312-573-3333.

Thank you.


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