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A note from Neal Zucker:

Giving Back To Chicago - A Top Down Approach

Three hundred and sixty five days a year, our window washers journey to the top of some of Chicago's largest and most iconic buildings and wash these glass and steel structures to the ground floors. This 'top down' approach mirrors my philosophy for "giving back to Chicago" through the organizations we support at Corporate Cleaning Services. My view is quite simple: those who set examples for their peers, family and friends by giving their time and resources to any charity are the true leaders of our community. Why? Because they inspire and encourage others to do the same. They lead by example. I have always been involved with one type of organization or another in Chicago because my parents and their parents were active in our community. By watching them, I learned you can make a difference. We recently added this new page to our website to help promote the organizations we are so proud to generously support, which represent a diverse spectrum -- from support of the arts and education to historical preservation and medical facilities and beyond. Yet they all have one thing in common: they give back to the people of our great city. Please see the list below to learn about the organizations we support. And see if you can join them – and us – in setting an example for your own friends and family.


Neal Zucker
President & CEO Corporate Cleaning Services